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ASGRA Playday

At Thundering Hooves Farm, Upper Marlboro, MD
September 29, 2013

Play Day 2013 was held at Thundering Hooves Farm on Sunday, September 29, 2013. Mother nature provided us with a spectacular day of sunny temperate weather and everyone enjoyed the food, company, and games. Check out the pictures on ASGRA's FaceBook page.

The horse speed events and roping was exciting with 13 contestants going for the pay window, 12 in poles, 11 in barrels, and 8 in flags, 10 in calf roping on foot. Patrick Hunter acted as arena director, while Mike Lentz was the arena crew coordinator, time keeper, judge and announcer. We had a great crew of volunteers and spectators joining in the fun and camaraderie.

See bottom of page for race results of this Play Day

Your 2013 ASGRA Playday winners:

ASGRA friend Fred Kramer rodeo Tango to victory with a 1st place time of 25.168; 2nd place went to Jim Cooney on Louie at 25.874 seconds. Thank you Carolyndia and Jeanne for getting Fred and Tammy to come out and support ASGRA.

ASGRA Secretary Andy Pittman placed 1st on Squiggie with a time of 15.369 seconds; ASGRA VP Louis Varnado placed 2nd riding AC with a time of 15.602.

Andy Pittman and Squiggie placed 1st again at 9.630 seconds; Fred Kramer and Tango came in 2nd at 13.417 seconds.

ASGRA member Jim Cooney scored a first place win with a time of 2.90 seconds. Congratulations Jim! Don't forget to let go of the rope next time. First time roper Dorena was welcomed as a rookie competitor for an ASGRA event.

ASGRA made almost $400 in profit on this fund raiser.

Thank you, Carolyn Kreibel, and Mom, Betty, for being the administrative assistant and keeping track of the paperwork, times, and money. And everyone raved about the chef, Anita Nylander Perry. Thank you; the chicken was the best!

Thanks to all the people that came out and supported ASGRA either as a spectator, contestant, or volunteer We really appreciate your support and participation!!

First posted Nov 23, 2013
Last update Nov 25, 2013