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4D Open Jackpot Barrel Race & 2D Pole Bending

A little bit of rain didn't keep horse riders away for Atlantic States Gay Rodeo Association's 4D Open Jackpot Barrel Race & 2D Pole Bending on Saturday, September 12th. We had 18 contestants in barrel racing, 5 contestants in pole bending, 1 pee wee entry and 44 entries for exhibitions.

Exhibition is a form of schooling for the rider and their horses. Riders run the pattern to familiarize their horse with the arena and the pattern; practice their cues, timing and communication with their horses.

In Barrel Racing contestants vie for the fastest time in running a 3 point, cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The horse and rider are allowed a running start and time begins and ends upon crossing a visible starting line. A no time is assessed for knocking over a barrel. The pattern can be started either from the left or right, and contestants that go off the prescribed course are disqualified.

In Pole Bending horse and rider compete for fastest time working a linear pattern through six equally spaced poles. The poles must be at least 6 feet in height and spaced 21 feet apart. A running start is allowed and a 5-second penalty will be assessed for knocking a pole down, and disqualification will take place if the team goes off course.

Pee Wee Barrel Racing is for riders 10 years of age and younger.

Everyone had lots of fun, lots of support/cheering from everyone and enjoyed the camaraderie.

4D Jackpot Barrel Race:

2D Pole Bending:

Pee Wee Barrel Race

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Saturday, September 12, 2015
Rain Date: Sunday, September 13, 2015

*ASGRA Fund Raiser

**Triple Creek Farm, 837 Bayard Road, Lothian, MD 20711

From Annapolis take Rt. 2 South to Lothian at circle take 1st left on Bayard Road go about 2 miles it's on left.
From the South-at Upper Marlboro take Rt. 4 East to Waysons Corner, follow Rt. 408 to circle at Lothian take 3rd right off the circle go about 2 miles it's on the left. Call Louis Varnado or Andy Pittman at (301) 579-6005

Or (240) 416-4505 with questions.

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First posted Jul 31, 2014
Last update Oct 3, 2015